List of LineageOS supported phones suitable for Australia

I have made a list of all the smartphones that are:

I also added some basic specs like SoC, RAM & screen size, along with some used prices off Facebook Markatplace/eBay for phones I was particularly interested in. The data might be wrong as I kinda rushed through it.

Check out the spreadsheet here: LineageOS - Google Sheets

It may not be that useful for everyone, but I made it to find myself a cheap but not shit huge screen smartphone that’ll run LineageOS. You might find it useful too.

For what it’s worth, I’m tossing up between the Pixel 3 XL, Samsung Galaxy S10+ and POCO X3 Pro.

  • Pixel 3 XL is damn good value - can grab one used in great condition for $225 off eBay, but isn’t true dual SIM (eSIM), has the least amount of RAM (4GB), no 3.5mm headphone and no microSD slot.
  • Poco X3 Pro brand new is ~$330 from Banggood, has the fastest SoC and biggest screen.
  • Galaxy S10+ has the best LTE modem (CAT20!) so is nice as a hotspot device and has the most RAM, but is the most expensive at around $380-$400 used.