Dedicated home cinema room planning

Bit of a sanity check on my planned home cinema setup before I go booking in trades.



  • Denon AVC-X3700H receiver
  • 5.1.4 setup (four floor speakers, four ceiling speakers & one subwoofer)
  • 4x Selby CS807 speakers in ceiling
  • 2x Krix Lyrix Gold floorstanders for fronts
  • 1x Krix KDX V3.1 centre
  • 2x Accusound Ref8.6XD rear bookshelf speakers
  • 1x Accusound Ref8.6XD 200W 12" subwoofer

I had the Accusound gear already, so will see how it goes with the Krix speakers I got very cheap 2nd hand ($500 for the two fronts & centre). Worst case use the floorstanders in my study, sell the rest and buy new speakers. The Selby in-ceiling speakers were also very cheap ($100 for all 4) and I’m hoping should be fine considering the rather limited use height speakers have in Atmos titles.


  • Size: 4.2m wide x 5.5m long x 2.7m high
  • Ceiling, cornices, walls & interior side of sliding doors to be painted
  • Haymes Ultra Premium Expressions Matt - colour choice is “Stormy Blue” (SC-092G)
  • Skirting & window frames kept as is in white
  • Steam clean grey carpet floor to remove furniture imprints, replace with new carpet if steam clean doesn’t restore
  • Blackout curtains for window
  • 3-seater recliner so I can sit in the middle get the best experience, but also a 4 seater won’t fit and the room is too small for two rows

I’d like to have gone full theater black for paint, but the Stormy Blue is a nice compromise between something aesthetically pleasing and visually useful. Window has external shutter so gets pitch black at night and very very dark during the day, but still leaks a tiny bit of light through sides on sunny days so will get blackout curtains installed with added benefit of helping sound.


  • Reflections/sound quality - will it be a disaster without enough soft surfaces? Will see how it goes as is and if it bothers me I’ll look into treatments.
  • 150" too big? 65cm off the ground should be fine, but could go 140" and get more brightness, cheaper screen and more appropriate sized screen for room?
  • 20 ftL bright enough? Lots of mixed theories about this around the internet.
  • Different impedance speakers (floorstanders are 4ohm, rest are 8ohm) & timbre matching (Accusound, Krix & Selby)?