Anyone got magazines or books they want scanned and added to the Internet Archive?

Some of you may know that I have a hobby of digitising magazines and books for the Internet Archive. I’ve uploaded almost 1,500 titles in the past 2 years.

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 10.50.25

Here’s a pic of my 2022 scanning setup:

And here’s a blog post explaining my workflow:

I’m almost running out of stuff to scan in, so I’m asking around if anyone’s got stuff they have been hanging on to and would like digitised then added to the Internet Archive for the whole world to enjoy?

  • I do this for free as a hobby. I’ve already spent too much money on equipment so I’m not really into paying for magazines or books. Consider it a donation for a good cause.
  • All printed content is welcome (books & magazines mostly), not just computer stuff. If it’s important to you it’s probably important to someone else!
  • Everything I scan gets added to the Internet Archive, which provides free hosting and access. You can download the raw 600dpi TIFF files if you wish.
  • I’ll drive anywhere in VIC to pick up from you. I’ll also drive to Adelaide and Canberra (and maybe Sydney) if there’s a decent haul (i.e: multiple people or a boot load sized collection).
  • The process is “destructive”, meaning I use a guillotine to cut the spines off. I’m happy to attach clips to each magazine/book and return them to you if you don’t want them recycled after they’ve been digitised.

If that’s cool with you, please get in touch! Email me: :slight_smile: