A very basic test of three anti-fog solutions to stop your glasses fogging up when wearing a mask

Fuckity fuck to masks fogging up my glasses when I’m out and about. Every bespectacled Victorian knows what I’m talking about. There’s workarounds and hacks but they’re all a pain in the arse one way or another. To try and solve this problem that seems like will be around for months in Victoria, I looked into anti-fog coatings and found three types generally recommended by people who wear goggles for work or play in humid environments.

The results were kinda disappointing. Got rimless glasses? Stop trying, you’re pushing shit uphill. None of the coatings worked as there’s nothing to form a barrier between the lens and mask.

With rimmed glasses held closely to my face with to kinda hold the mask down, the Kenssafe Stopfog Gel was the only one that made a substantial difference. I haven’t tested it out in the field (aka the supermarket) but wearing it around the house with a mask on whilst I type this and my glasses haven’t fogged up yet.

The Kenssafe stuff is also pretty easy to apply. The tube comes with a little brush attached to the end that you use to spread the gel as you squirt it out. Once you’ve coated every square micron of both sides of the lens, gently buff it out with the included cloth (or any microfiber cloth really) so there’s no residue.

The Cat Crap did not work anywhere near as well as the Kenssafe stuff but it did reduce the amount of fogging. Maybe I didn’t apply it properly or didn’t use as much as I should have, but it felt like I used heaps!

The Scott Anti-Fog spray was practically useless. I cleaned the same pair of glasses 5 times over the course of 30 min and each application made no discernible difference to how much fogging occurred. My glasses are spotless however.

My tips for us poor schmucks burdened with poor eyesight is to get some thick framed glasses, a tight fitting mask that creates as little gap around your nose and cheek as possible and liberally apply Kenssafe Stopfog Gel. I got mine from Amazon but if you don’t want to wait, RSEA Safety has it for cheaper and you can pick up in store. The big blue cloth it comes with is very nice by the way, if you want a couple for just general glasses cleaning you can get those separately too