April 2021 Photo Dump

Got some Fruchoc Easter eggs. Delicious.

Went for a drive out to Maryborough for no particular reason. According to Wikipedia, in 1895, Mark Twain visited Maryborough, which he dryly observed as being: “A railway station with a town attached”

Incredibly awkward bench. Not ergonomic at all.

The Pioneers Memorial needs a lot of love, but the lookout is nice.

Visited Philip Island. Never been there before, quite scenic. I think this particular spot is Nobby’s Point.

Poorly disguised phone tower.

Some cows with a great view before they get turned into steaks.

Checked out the little penguins doing their thing and can confirm they are adorable. The setup they have there at the visitor’s centre is impressive. Can’t take photos of the actual penguins, freaks em out or something.

Saw some animals at Halls Gap Zoo. Bigger than I thought it would be and you can get really close to the animals.

Mr. Pizza and Tasty Bird in Ararat (had to stop here to charge the car on the way back from Halls Gap).

Why are open top freezers still a thing in 2022? This is a brand new Coles in Melton. All that wasted energy trying to keep the items frozen while fighting the building’s heating & cooling. Ridiculous.

Imagine this smells like feet and bong water? No wonder it’s at NQR.

Impulse purchased a Nano Pi R2S. Has two gigabit ethernet ports on it, making it ideal for use as a router that uses sweet fuck all electricity. Sold it a few months later as I didn’t really have a proper use for it.

Had some time to kill in Ballarat, so popped in to see my old mate the Eureka flag. There’s a small (but very informative and modern) museum there that I like to visit every now and then.

Look at this motherfucker of a cigarette.

Went to the footy at Kardinia Park see the Kangaroos lose to Geelong. On the way in was a fully exposed broadcast truck. Enjoy the full resolution image!

Outside of the stadium the Cats show off all their premiership cups. If North had that many I assume they’d show them off too.

Sick stamp of an F-35 that was affixed to a letter I received.

There was a market on at Hanging Rock and after the market we went up the rock. Didn’t get lost like those girls in the movie.

Greek style pastizzi??? Greek!? Get totally fucked.

Rode the tram and the machine told me I had an expired Myki.